Friday, November 14, 2008

Family things

It's always good to hear from our adult children, and especially when they call to share good news, or stop by to visit for a few minutes during a busy day. Open lines of communication work well.

Sometimes an email or an instant message will be that day's 'talk', but it's good, no matter how or what. Shared news about a business trip/vacation, or an upcoming one, or a business idea that succeeded, or a 'catch up' conversation -- all serve to make my day a little (no -- a Lot ) brighter. Thanks, kids, for keeping me in the loop.

With the grandchildren it's a bit harder, since they are all going so many different directions all at the same time. They still keep in touch when they can, and that is Good.

We'll all be together for Thanksgiving.... at least almost all of the family will be here for a while that day. In the old days, when all the parents, aunts and uncles were living, we might have as many as 35 at the Thanksgiving dinner -- or at Christmastime. Now we're missing the older generation, but we keep the traditions as much as possible.

The other day, one of the children asked about plans for this year's Thanksgiving dinner menu. My response was, "After I get through this week, I'll have time to think about that."

Such a busy week this has been, with a 'calendar event' every day, with no sign of slowing down yet! Even so, it's been a good week, with a lot of varied activities that were interesting, each in its own way.

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Liz said...

While I was at the grocery store yesterday I noticed the wall of baking items. Something is just plain comforting about seeing the neatly stacked packages of sugar and flour and the cans of pumpkin.

Then it dawned on me, Thanksgiving is just two weeks away and I have to start procuring all those things and planning my menu!