Saturday, November 15, 2008

Up too early again this morning, it seemed like a long time before the dark gave way to light. 'On the Road to Mandelay, the dawn comes up like thunder'. Around here today, the sun hid behind heavy cloud cover until it finally emitted enough light for me to go out to pick up the newspaper.

There's just something about walking outside in the dark for any reason, and picking up the newspaper doesn't warrant discomfort. The dropping temperature offers enough discomfort. Walking south in our yard to find the newspaper is chilly enough, but coming back facing north is downright cold, with wind in my face. Brrrr.

Another thought:
The Misuse of words really bugs me. I wish everyone could have the advantage we did, years ago, in my high school, where we learned English literature, grammar and spelling. I notice the frequent misuse of 'amount' and 'number' referring to groups of people or things. Too often 'amount' is the choice, which is totally incorrect.

The other day I read an article in which the writer "sited" her source as so-and-so. HUH? She meant "cited", of course, and those sound-alike words are easily misused, but still......(where are the proof readers, anyway? Oh, they don't know the difference either, I'll bet!)

Maybe that writer was not paying attention that day in class? Mother used to say that she never really learned to print. Her handwriting was nice - but her printing lacked a lot. She said "I must have been absent from school the day they taught printing."

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