Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thought While Washing Dishes

A tiny bubble bounced
Out of the steaming soapy water --
Escaping --
Caught a draft and floated
Shimmering in the ray of sun
Toward window glass
And freedom,
Sparkling as it settled on the pane.
There it popped,
Leaving but an outline
Of the glory it had been.
I want to leave a mark
When I am gone --
A tracing on some other's
Mind -- or heart --
To note that I was here
And for my moment

(This has been one of my most ‘popular’ poems, and has won several prizes and awards. I composed it many years ago, when Philip was a new Perkins Restaurant employee.
I sent it to him, and he posted it over his desk, where it attracted attention — and requests for copies— from several of his co-workers. It was a first place prize winner in 1992 at Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs Convention)

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Liz said...

What a beautiful poem....You are truly a woman of many talents!