Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving - more

What a surprise and joy to answer the ringing phone this afternoon to find our granddaughter calling from Paris, France ! We missed having her with us in person for our big family gathering Thanksgiving dinner, but it was exciting to have a lovely visit with her by phone. I'm old enough to remember when a 'long distance call' was for emergencies only, and usually was the bearer of bad news. Now, with technology as advanced as it is, a call between France and Tennessee is an everyday thing rather than a rarity.

Jessica told me about the "pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner" she prepared for her host family, using her ingenuity to create the 'traditional fare' in another land. She's living in a suburb of Paris this year, as an au pair for a family, and revels in the beauty of Paris and France. She said one could live there a lifetime and still not see everything that was 'important' or noteworthy.

Our dinner was more than bountiful, since every family group brought several dishes to add to the menu. Ham and turkey with dressing and gravy, plus all kinds of other goodies graced the table, which really wasn't large enough to hold everything. We are so blessed with a wonderful family and some really good cooks who share their talents for family gatherings. It's hard to keep up with the many conversations going on around the table when we all get together like this. Lots of laughter and joking back and forth make a really fun evening for our family.

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