Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, Again...

Last week was so full of "Wow" things, I wonder what this week will bring - besides rain. It's hard for me to agree with the old song, "I love a rainy day...." even if it did have a nice beat. Then there's that other song, "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down...". NOT. I refuse to be influenced by a dark sky and dripping tree branches.

All weekend I thought of things I might mention when I posted to my blogspot again, but don't you know I can't recall a single one of those tidbits ! I finished reading another of Perri O'Shaunessy's mysteries, and was sorry when it ended. Now I'm starting another. Just can't get my fill of that genre. Escapism, I guess. The stories provide a total 'change of scene'.

Speaking of changes, notice that I have 'changed' the photo on this blog. The picture was made at our wedding reception mentioned in an earlier blog post. All the furniture had been moved out of a downstairs bedroom at my parents' home and the Bride's table arranged, with candelabra and flowers banked around the wedding cake. Oblivious and " so in love", I have no memory of being aware of what it took to completely rearrange my family's lives in order to carry out the planned wedding and reception with Grandfather so desperately ill and hovering between life and death in the hospital 25 miles away.

Enough of this... dust and cobwebs are calling and Clutter must be dealt with before the traveling part of our family arrives on Wednesday !

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Liz said...

I'm with you...this rainy day is not going to get me down! Too much to do in preparation for Turkey Day and the company arriving on Wednesday.

Lovely photo!!