Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday morning

It's a nice feeling to just walk away from everything that's pressing down on me, and do something completely different. At least it worked for me on Friday. What started out to be a 'day off' - wasn't, and by the time I had worked on two projects (computer stuff) all morning, I was ready for a change. I walked so far 'away' from obligations that the load of waiting laundry wasn't even begun until after supper Friday night!

A very nice Saturday luncheon and meeting with friends provided a nice respite from the usual routine. Listening to the speaker tell about The Virginia Company regarding the settling of Jamestowne, Virginia in 1607 was enlightening and interesting. As he said, much has been written and researched about Jamestowne (indeed, continued archeological 'digs' are bringing more to light about those earliest years), but we don't hear much about the rise and fall of The Virginia Company. This speaker holds a doctorate in history as well as a masters degree in computer science. I found that to be a curious but logical combination of studies.

Another absolutely gorgeous fall day added more to my enjoyment of 'something different'. Looks like we may be in for a change, though, with early Sunday temps in the low 30s, and rain in the forecast for Veterans Day on Tuesday. I hope that's wrong, since many outdoor ceremonies are planned to honor those who have fought and died to preserve our liberty.

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Liz said...

You reminded me to check the status of our laundry piles...think I left a load in the dryer yesterday!!