Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parking Lots

I'll bet you never parked your car in the huge parking lot at one entrance to the oversized store, only to leave the store by the Other exit. I did it again yesterday. Too much on my mind, I guess.

SO -- No car where it should be! At least it's not where I thought it should be. A friendly shopper offered assistance, but there was no car anywhere that it "should have been".

Finally the light dawned - Ah ha ! I had parked near the entrance I used to go IN.. not come Out. Retrace steps - inside the building, not in the drizzley rain - to the other end of the world. Well, it felt like the other end of the world, as I trudged along, but it was only the other end of the store.

Sure enough, there's my car, sitting where I left it.

In the 'old days', we tied a yellow ribbon or something to the radio antenna, for easy locating a parked car. No more, with built-in antenna.

I toyed with the idea of using the emergency signal on my remote... but I absolutely hate cars that do that---sit with horns blowing constantly until someone wakes up and clicks the signal again to turn it off.

By the time I located the vehicle again, rain was really beginning to come down. The run in for a couple of items had turned into a length trip after all.

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Liz said...

Don't feel bad...I just did that over the weekend with Abbey in tow. Neither of could remember where we'd parked. We'd been in too many stores and too many parking spaces. I decided right then and there, it was time to go HOME!