Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday afternoon ramblings

What a fun day! Lots of interesting visitors came in to the book store. One lady was bemoaning the fact that her husband's job was taking them away from our town for a move to New York. She "loves" our town and is really sad to leave.

As a "native", I appreciated her nice remarks about what a wonderful place this is to live.

This afternoon my husband (of almost 58 years) and I attended the Open House at the newly renovated Health and Rehab Center. Under new ownership now, it's really a different place entirely from the old one with which we were familiar.

For their residents and patients, it's nice to see that the facility has been spruced up so well. If you're in a health situation where nursing is needed, it's wonderful to have a Health and Rehab place close by. Ideally no one would ever have to go anywhere but their own home to recuperate, but things are rarely "ideal".

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